Glens Falls Boat N RV Facility (Exit 18)

This new multi-million dollar, state of the art facility has no equal. DRY-SAFE-SECURE storage to protect your investment. 24/7 surveillance recorders, fully fenced and lighted.

Features over 100 fully enclosed private storage units. Each unit is 14 feet wide and available in varying depths 38, 40 or 45 feet, all with 14 foot high doors.

The Benefits of Indoor Storage

  • All of which outweighs the cost of indoor storage alone!!
  • Eliminate paint oxidation
  • Protects tires and rubber and upholstry from sun damage, dry rot and fading
  • Prevents rainwater build up, mold, and mildew
  • Prevents rotting and staining of boat covers. no more messy birds!
  • Protection from vandalism and theft
  • Protection from wheel rust and trailer deterioration
  • Extends time between detailing and cleaning
  • Extends rubber roof life
  • Eliminates mildew damage caused by outdoor shrink wrapped storage
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting from acid rain
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents
  • Eliminates the unsightliness of at home storage
  • Helps maintain your resale value more than the cost of indoor storage
  • Protects your investment and secures your peace of mind

Why Use Indoor Storage?

Look at the Obvious Signs Below!

  • Eliminate damage from mildew
  • No more damaging bird droppings
  • Easier than unsightly at home storage
  • Forget about storm damage
  • We could go on, but we think you get it!

Our Glens Falls Location

Glens Falls Boat N RV Condos
Big Boom Road
Glens Falls, NY 12801



Better Than Just A Cover

Our inside storage is better then an RV or Motorhome cover.

  • Great place to temporarily park a family members RV for a week or two
  • Handicap access to our units
  • Some insurances reduce premiums for units stored inside!